60 Seconds to Qualified Leads.

With a database of over 40+ Million 100% verified B2B prospects to search from, OneMoreLead allows you to easily find the perfect prospect for your product or service. A single closed sale could increase MRR for a small business by 5-8% and OneMoreLead facilitates up to 147% faster conversion to Sales.
Discover leads

A unified space for your sales teams to prospect, build lists and qualify leads.

OneMoreLead is a cutting edge lead finding platform that gives your team all the tools you need to build the next generation of sales growth.

Qualify Prospects Faster Than Ever!

Dynamic Data With Detailed Business Intelligence.
Build Lists

Plan Your Targets & Measure Fit

See what’s working in real time with customized reports and dashboards.
Measure your KPIs and learn from every project. Then use that data to do it all over again — but better.
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Reach Qualified C-level executives.

Find the right person to contact in whatever organization you’re reaching out to.
Focus your sales efforts on the right person and increase your chances of converting a prospect into a paying customer.
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Automate Targeted List Building

Set your parameters and let OneMoreLead build the list for you.
Use our advanced platform to select your target audience and let us give you a final list. Reduced effort, increased efficiency.
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Integrate With Your CRM

Manage an uninterrupted workflow by integrating with your CRM.
Everything from your business data to sales insights, all in one place, so that your sales prospecting efforts can be carried out effortlessly.
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Is your sales outreach effective?

OneMoreLead provides data with key metrics that help your sales teams create more detailed and qualified lists.
Find The Right Contact
Reach Qualified C-level executives and prioritize your prospecting.
Curate Your Lists
Create, manage & build curated customized lists.
Enriched Data Access
Dynamic Data With Detailed Business Intelligence.
Outreach Effectivly
Simplify the sales process for your teams and close more leads.
Integrate With Your CRM
Business data to sales insights, everything gathered in one place.
100% Verified Data
Pre-verified and vetted details on CEOs, Managers & Decision makers.

The most easiest way to create targeted contact lists

Finding quality leads that your sales teams can chase and convert is not only difficult but also very time consuming and expensive. OneMoreLead strives to make this process simpler, faster, and more efficient for businesses of all types.

US Businesses

The OneMoreLead database currently contains over 40 million US companies and their details including points of contacts — already verified and validated, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Key Data

There is no fluff here. Every piece of data we have is of value to you. We are constantly enriching our business data to provide you with more insights on who to target, why and how they fit your business needs.

Reverse Search

Want to find details about a particular person or a company? Unlike other lead finding platforms, OneMoreLead provides a way to reverse search and find information on people you met at a conference, in passing, or just heard about.

Awesome Clients

We work with a wide array of clients from a plethora of industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Lead Prospecting So Necessary?

You can’t make money unless you have customers who want to buy what you’re selling. You won’t have many customers if you don’t find people to contact and sell to. You won’t find people to contact unless you do lead generation. That’s an oversimplification, but it boils down to this: lead generation is a key factor in finding and converting customers.

How to generate leads?

There are many ways to generate leads, but it all boils down to identifying your target audience, creating appropriate marketing materials, utilizing an effective sales funnel, and building relationships.

How to use Linkedin for sales prospecting?

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What is b2b lead generation?

Lead generation, but for business-to-business (B2B) sales. There are minor differences in the actual process between B2B and B2C (business-to-consumer) lead generation, but overall, they are pretty much the same.

What is Prospecting in Sales?

Sales prospecting is the first step in the sales process, wherein you identify potential customers to whom you can sell to. This step can involve finding customers directly or qualifying existing leads. In the sales prospecting process, you will develop a database of customers most likely to convert and guide them to their purchase.

What is B2B Sales?

B2B sales are business-to-business sales. Whereas in business-to-consumer sales a business is selling its products and services to the general public, in business-to-business sales, you sell to other businesses. B2B sales are often done in much larger quantities than B2C sales and the overall processes have some other differences, as well.

How to place the successful sales and prospecting call (That Converts)

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. in this spot

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of finding leads and helping leads find you. It’s the process of creating consumer interest in the products or services that you are selling. Lead generation is used to build lists, distribute newsletters, and most importantly, find customers to sell to.

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