B2B Website Personalization- Everything You Need To Know

No matter what kind of business you are in, your customer psychology remains constant. Exclusive recommendations to your customers foster a trusted interaction space. Hence, your business earns loyal customers who will think of you before turning to other alternatives in the market. This is where real-time personalization takes the cake. Content personalization needs no […] 
Feb 28, 2022
Rahman Tanzim
Content Writer @ OneMoreLead

No matter what kind of business you are in, your customer psychology remains constant. Exclusive recommendations to your customers foster a trusted interaction space.

Hence, your business earns loyal customers who will think of you before turning to other alternatives in the market. This is where real-time personalization takes the cake.

Content personalization needs no introduction. But what sometimes goes amiss is website personalization for B2B markets.

If consistent and long-term relationships are what you want for your business, website personalization ensures maximum impact. 93% of businesses have seen a drastic conversation rate growth after incorporating B2B website personalization.

So, without further delay, let’s reveal the secrets of B2B website personalization and get you everything you need to work your magic!

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  • With 87% of customers expecting a personalized approach from businesses, B2B markets remain no exception. Hence, B2B website personalization can be a clever technique to stand out from the crowd and sustain the market.
  • Fundamentally speaking, B2B website personalization entails designing a customized webpage interface for customers based on their past-purchase behavior or real-time data like location.
  • Personalization improves lead quality, shortens buying cycle, improves sales growth, and more.
  • Thus, the article covers the essential guide to B2B website personalization and addresses a few critical software for the proposition.

B2B Website Personalization: What Do You Need To Know About It?

The art of designing a customized experience for your customers and prospects when they visit your website is essentially called B2B website personalization.

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Therefore, instead of a general interface to serve all customers, your websites will craft an interaction space based on the customer’s profile.

As a result, your customers will not only feel welcomed and unique. Instead, they will feel a certain sense of connection to your services. Websites usually offer such experiences depending on factors such as industry or location or past behavior on your website.

Unlike adding names to your emails, B2B website personalization creates a sharper memory in the mind of your prospects and customers. Therefore, users witness tailored content, structure, and architecture seamlessly integrating with their interests.

With such an intuitive website, you will know what to bring to your customers when they want it. Studies have shown that nearly 80% of organizations witnessed an increase in their sales volume with this distinctive approach.

It goes without saying how heavily website personalization impacts B2B businesses. Thus, such strategies not only advance towards the organization’s objectives but bring forth astounding results for them.

Why is B2B Website Personalization Effective?

With the evolution of the volatile market space, B2B service providers are constantly battling challenges. Alongside the increasing competition, longer-buying cycles only make authentic relationships harder to build and maintain.

Why is B2B Website Personalization Effective?
Image From: https://b2bmarketing.wbresearch.com/blog/personalization-the-new-foundation-of-b2b-digital-sales

Therefore, B2B website personalization ignites a definite advantage for companies to drive businesses forward.

Hubspot reports that B2B Website Personalization has been around since 2007. Only the technologies driving it forward have certainly evolved quite a bit. There must be some reasons behind such long-term persistence of this approach.

Hence, compiled here are some of the prime benefits of B2B personalization that make it effective:

1. Compressed Buying Cycle

In many industries, the conversion of prospects to the customer takes almost a year. But with B2B website personalization, companies can emphasize on individual needs of the prospect.

Compressed Buying Cycle: Benefits of B2B Website Personalization.
Image From:http://pngtree.com/

Thus, businesses can vastly shorten the buying cycle by delivering hyper-detailed services, content, and recommendations. With this compressed buying cycle, the frequency of deals increases, and they are closed faster as well.

2. Sales Growth & Better Sales Efficiency

Since website personalization brings the experience to the prospect in the most unexpected ways, they don't have to search for services. When you understand your customers’ demand before they ask for it, they will continue to rely on you. Hence, boosting sales growth from existing customers better acquisition prospects through word of mouth.

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Moreover, website personalization promotes better sales outcomes, as the sales teams already have data-driven evidence to pursue high-potential clients. Subsequently, sales efficiency improves as less time is invested for cold outreach and more resources are spent nurturing quality leads.

3. Improved Lead Quality.

Imagine the potential clientele you can build with leads who are convinced to purchase. Since you can gain extensive information simply from visitors who visit your website, you are aware of their needs beforehand.

Improved Lead Quality through B2B website personalization

Hence, personalizing websites bring better returns improves sales ROI and marketing results. Not to forget, they also offer greater engagement, improve retention rates, and fetch loyal customers.

Where Does B2B Website Personalization Fit In The Process?

A question that may constantly bug marketers is figuring out where B2B website personalization fits in the process. Essentially, you can work with landing pages, or the content available, practically any element on your website.

Here are some ideas:

1. Webpages With A Personal Touch

It comes as no surprise that industry familiarity and experience give you a massive advantage over your prospects. You can use this principle to design your homepage. Personalizing your homepage by affiliating users’ IP information to specific industries can be a refreshing sight for your prospects. This means even though you are personalizing your B2B website, it is industry-based, and hence, resource allocation is smarter.

2. Location-Specific Personalization

If there is easily accessible information of users, it is finding out where the user is located. And interestingly, businesses can be highly benefitted by simply knowing the geographic coordinates of the prospect. This can also be used to eradicate the language barrier of users. It can be anything as simple as offering the native language on the personalized website and bringing your prospect a step closer to your services.

3. Customized Content Recommendations

Data-driven results can vastly improve the suggestions to your prospects. This is similar to what YouTube and Google do, offering recommendations based on search history. You can use the existing data in the system to provide customized content recommendations.

Also, you can segment your users depending on the stage of their customer journey. It can also be in the form of content marketing. Leads can be further nurtured by asking role-based questions. As a result, your business will gain a stronger database and offer personalized content beyond the usual efforts.

Furthermore, you can directly link your email campaigns with your personalized website. One such platform with a huge prospect list available in one click is OneMoreLead. And if you are looking to automate your marketing workflow, systems like HubSpot are a great option.

4. Call-To-Actions

A personalized call-to-action can be the final deal-breaker for your lead conversion. Research suggests that a well-delivered CTA can improve conversion rates by almost 202%.

5. Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing is dedicated support to only a niche market or specific companies. Generally, these accounts are handled directly by the top management. In this case, you can use the company's name to personalize websites depending on IP recognition.

Hence for each page, you offer a unique title and link to the specific company attribute to improve the click-through rate of your webpage.

B2B Website Personalization: Getting Started

As easy as it may have appeared at first, B2B website personalization can be highly cumbersome, especially if your organization lacks the right tools and guidance.

Getting Started With B2B Website Personalization.

Thus, we have covered a basic guideline to get you started.

1. Set The Groundwork

Before you market your services, assess your website from a customer’s perspective. Analyze which market segment is likely to attract most of your potential customers.

Setting the groundwork for b2b website personalization
Image From Unsplash
  • Identify who is visiting your website and analyze if these visitors are the ones you want to sell your service to.
  • Check if visitors are satisfied with what the website offer. Are they finding what they came in search for?
  • Is the content you prepared for them making an impact? Are they seeing the content you want them to see?

Practically, these questions give a sneak peek into your consumer’s behavior. And inform you if your website personalization tactics are impactful.

You can find these answers through online analytical software like Google Search Console or Google Analytics. With such tools, you can identify the most and least effective channels in bringing visitors to your website. Furthermore, you can see which pages your customers are visiting and how frequently or how long they tend to stay on the website.

2. Divide & Conquer

Once you have the mass data, the wisest choice would be to segment the visitors. After all. We are seeking to create personalized data. Subsequently, with individual buyer personas segregated, you have a more precise overview of the potential value you can appeal to.

Divide And Conquer
Image From: https://refinepro.com/

However, there is a catch. Despite whatever number of visitors that turn up on your site, many of them are simply onlookers, not potential consumers. Therefore, with segmentation, you can divert resources to only the specific percentage of potential clients who are likely to convert.

Segmentation Criteria

In most cases, visitors may be classified under the following categories:

  • Company Background: Industry-specific, company size and portfolios, market size, and so on.
  • Context: When and which device was the website surfed with.
  • Behavior: How long did the user interact with the website, how frequently do they show up. Did they interact with the chatbots on your website? Did they visit one page on your website or search for more information?
Customer Segmentation
Image From: https://blog.capterra.com/

You can work on what they need through company background and reach out to them with the right fit services. Imagine the high-level appeal your approach creates the impression you leave on potential clients. This is precisely how Account-Based Marketing paves the path to work with companies.

Similarly, by understanding the context of your users, you can design your approach according to the needs of the prospects. Paired with behavioral information and customer psychology, your marketing team can identify the buyer’s purchase phase. A first-time user may simply be looking for information. Repeat users may be in search of interaction and eventually your services.

These buyer personas represent your core target audience by incorporating proper data analysis and research. Consequently, generating a clear idea of who you want to sell your services to, and what would appeal to the particular groups.

3. Right Fit For The Right Audience

A common misconception amongst marketers is that they need to rebuild their websites when transitioning to personalization. Fear not. That is not the case. Since you already have the basic layout, simply personalize the content.

Right Fit for the Right Audience

Suppose you have already partnered with a specific industry and have a trusted relationship with you. The following company from the same ambition can be offered a solid result-oriented portfolio market-researched suggestions appropriate for this client.

You may create different landing page variations with various fonts and then use the best-performing landing page.

4. Track Your Progress

If anything is more important than the plan itself, it is measuring the progress of your efforts.

Tracking Progress
Image From: https://www.actitime.com/

To understand how effective your personalization strategies have been, measuring results objectively is critical. For such instances, Google Analytics can be your forte to access insights.

Implementing Website Personalization

B2B website personalization may seem overwhelming at the beginning. There is no denying it. However, numerous tools and software help you sync with the flow.

  • Google Optimize –A tool designed to optimize conversion, Google Optimize can personalize websites for free.
  • Personyze – Explicitly designed for personalization, Personyze offers a free account, allowing up to 5,000 page views.
  • OneMoreLead- Lead Generation and sales technological tool, OneMoreLead is an excellent platform for prospect building and sales growth.
  • Optimizely –Identified as A/B conversion optimization software, Optimizely comes with personalization options.

Brief Overview

Experts recommend covering the basics thoroughly, especially website technicalities and content. Website technicalities may include loading time, interactivity, error messages, and removal of pages that might not exist any longer.

On the other hand, content alignment on landing pages delivers your values, especially those focused on inorganic traffic.

In terms of personalization, address concerns that have been repeatedly picked apart by your target audience. For example, some websites let you learn what questions people are asking. Or you can check out the keywords from your SEO expert or sales team research. As such, you can design your FAQs and service strategies to answer the public.

For further understanding, online surveys are a great way to learn your prospects' preferences. Identify why prospects are not moving up the sales funnel.

Identify the channels that you want to personalize in the marketing process. But first ensure, hyper-personalization is adequate for these channels. Set KPIs for each of the channels and measure the progress accordingly.

It is critical for marketers to identify the unique selling point attracting prospects. Thus, before personalization, map out conversion steps that highlight your service’s selling point.

Generating Personalized Content: The Final Word

If you are tired of hitting walls with your sales strategies, B2B website personalization can become the messiah for you.

However, the sheer workload of setting the structured process may often become excessive for you to manage internally. In addition, despite successful integrations with the automated systems, your desired results may not flow in without proper guidance. But if your business requires personalized services for creating personalized websites apart from technological support, OneMoreLead might be the right fit for you.

Specializing in B2B sales prospecting, OneMoreLead does the most challenging part of the job for you: gathering the proper intel. In addition, they offer access to an immense database for your marketing needs. Henceforth, segmentation of visitors and nurturing leads are a child’s play for your sales team now.

Apart from streamlining the process, they will back you with market insights, and hence, you will be one step ahead with your plan. Not to mention, you will have a solid expert team backing you up at all times.

Sounds exciting? Then check out their website and Book A Demo today!


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