Top 11 B2B Lead Generation Agency In 2022 That Will Drive Your Revenue

To be profitable and grow your B2B business, you need a steady flow of qualified, hot leads. However, keeping track of lead generation can be difficult when you are juggling your business and keeping your clients happy at the same time. Having a lead generation agency can assist you with this endeavour.

Top 10 B2B Lead Generation Agency in 2021 That Will Drive Your Revenue
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A B2B lead generation agency can help you keep your pipeline full. In addition to outreach, they will utilize a multitude of other tools to help you reach and attract your ideal audience.

The following article contains a list of the top 10 B2B lead generation agencies you should consider and determine whether outsourcing lead generation is right for your company.

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What Is A B2B Sales Lead?

In business-to-business (B2B) lead generation, you identify and attract prospective customers for your service or product. Leads are companies or individuals you hope will become paying customers for your products or services.

An effective lead generation program is crucial to B2B sales and marketing.

Why Is B2B Sale Lead Generation Important?

Good lead generation involves more than just lead acquisition; it also promotes loyalty and retention.

The following are the top reasons why B2B sales leads are important:

  1. Your ideal customers can be found by qualifying leads
  2. It allows you to refocus or scale up your customer acquisition programs easily
  3. Assists in creating content
  4. Enhances conversion rates
  5. Ensures relationships and trust are established
  6. Enhances marketing ROI

What Is A B2B Lead Generation Agency?

Companies dealing with B2B lead generation agencies create business opportunities by generating sales leads. Their purpose is to help their clients grow sales funnels. This type of agency specializes in sales development and involves professional teams to generate leads.

What Does A B2B Lead Generation Agency Do?

In order to reduce the hassle and time required to implement lead generation, many businesses today outsource their lead generation to companies that specialize in attracting and converting potential customers into paying customers.

Businesses that provide lead generation services assist their organizations in attracting new clients. At the same time, you can devote your time to other important tasks, such as quality assurance and product development.

Lead generation companies develop websites or partner with websites on which they advertise, promote, and market your goods and services. After discovering the site, the customer fills out the online request form. Their information is then verified and matched to suitable providers.

In order to achieve success, such agencies will analyze your business and everything that impacts B2B marketing and sales, creating detailed buyer persona profiles, and advising you on how to reach your target market.

Each agency has a different way of operating and offering services. You may find some companies will do all of the work to acquire leads, then pass them on to you for the conclusion, while others may offer to close the deal for you.

Top 11 B2B Lead Generation Agencies

Lead generation companies everywhere claim to have the best databases and the most updated information, but how would you know which one will generate quality leads? We have compiled a list of ten top 10 B2B lead generation agencies to help you gain a more thorough understanding. All of the companies listed here provide detailed information about their services, as well as an overview.


Lead generation is easier using the right tools, as they help you save time while also making B2B marketing more efficient. A range of marketing tools are available with different features and pricing options.

OneMoreLead is the first agency that we recommend for creating B2B leads. Through OneMoreLead, you can access more than 40 million verified B2B prospects. It gives the sales team key metrics so they can create more accurate and qualified lists based on the data.

OneMorelead expedites your lead generation process and ensures results which will be a real treat for your sales team. Your sales representatives won't have to waste time on leads who do not have an interest in what you offer because the traffic and leads they generate are qualified. The sales team can focus on selling your product or service while they handle all the heavy lifting. They will plan, set-up, execute, and analyze the entire lead generation campaign for you. With their help, monthly sales reporting will become a lot less frustrating.


They will help your company reach its full potential by managing all aspects of top-of-the-funnel needs, such as event planning, lead generation, email marketing, LinkedIn influencer marketing, and more, through Folderly, an intelligent email delivery platform.

A team of experienced copywriters, marketers, and B2B sales development representatives form this high lead quality agency.

Belkins develops targeted sales lead lists and schedules B2B appointments with qualified prospects, in order to help its clients achieve their revenue goals. Over 790 customers have already been helped by their team of experts who have combined digital solutions with state-of-the-art technology.


Cience is an outbound sales assistance service that specializes in supply chain and B2B lead generation. It has generated millions of leads for Fortune 500 companies, start-ups in search of their first customers, and every other type of business in between in the last decade.

Through People-as-a-Service (PaaS), they assist clients in finding and nurturing leads by leveraging world-class research and state-of-the-art technology. They help clients reach their goals by building targeted audiences, segmenting customers, and collecting data. The customer can choose the services he or she needs, from marketing support to a complete marketing strategy. Using their unique approach, they have consistently provided sales with highly-qualified leads at the top of the funnel.

Citence offers lead generation and appointment setting services individually or in packages. The leads they provide are enriched based on the clients' Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). The Cience team strategizes, designs, and delivers all outreach through a multi-channel strategy. Furthermore, their newest research program called Cience Now is able to search for unique data points that cannot be filtered without human intervention. As one of Hubspot's top partners, the company also works with companies such as Google, Uber, Microsoft, Tuxedo Air, Yamaha, US Bank, and others, including some of the world's largest corporations.

Infographic World

Lead Generation company IGW, also known as Infographic World, also provides Lead Generation Services. Building a consistent flow of leads is no easy feat. Their main goal as a lead generation company is to increase your pipeline activity and boost your sales productivity. Using a blend of sales strategies and tactics, they provide actionable advice and a solid database to your sales force. In addition to customer profiling, lead generation campaigns, marketing automation, live chat, chatbots, funnel building, SEO services, and LTV calculators, they offer a range of other solutions. They offer a customized process that is designed to meet your business's unique lead generation needs. Moreover, they are experts with all leading generation tools and software, so that their lead generation services are of the highest quality.

Lead targets targeted prospects with the goal of placing them in a sales funnel, qualifying those leads, and then repeating that process.

Search engine optimization, paid search marketing, email marketing, website development, content distribution, whitepaper creation, brand awareness, and appointment setting are some of the essential services they provide.

There are a variety of ways through which you can generate leads from this company. These features complement all the features offered by other companies. One of the most valuable services this company provides is the creation of landing pages for informative content.


Lead generation is only one part of WebiMax's offerings; they provide SEO, pay-per-click ads, social media, web design, lead nurturing, and online PR as well.

The company reports that 96% of its customers remain with the company, which evidences the importance of loyalty and effective business strategies by Webimax.

WebiMax solution is an excellent choice for companies that are looking for an all-in-one marketing and sales solution.


Leading SMEs and enterprises across the globe rely on Callbox as a lead generation service provider. The company connects B2B companies across a range of industries with high-quality leads and helps them schedule meetings with their top prospects.

With their 3-in-1 service, they take care of account-based marketing, lead generation, and meeting setting.

Globally, Callbox is the largest provider of B2B marketing and sales services. The service compiles a list of potential customers that match your ideal buyer, then generates leads for you through calls, emails, social media, chat, ads, and landing pages. For those looking for software that can help support your sales process, Callbox is the right choice. They provide all the products and services you need.


In addition to wine brand OneHope and data infrastructure leader Segment, Leadium claims to have produced more than 10 million unique leads. A team of in-house strategists works with clients to find out what makes a good lead and what makes a good customer match.

Customers' data includes detailed psychographic, technical, and other non-demographic details, which are validated by researchers who specialize in that area.

Visitor Queue

Visitor Queue is a marketing agency whose clients utilize its services to generate information about visitors' contact info and social media profiles. With it, you can easily manage leads by utilizing various lead management features, including defining lead classes, hiding leads, exporting leads, archiving leads, and assigning them automatically.

All visitors' contact information is displayed on the page. Similarly, the leads' visits to the website are recorded, such as the length of their stay, which screen they viewed, etc. The website also offers links to the visitor's social media profiles. In addition to managing leads, it provides services for classifying leads, hiding leads, exporting leads, archiving leads, and assigning leads automatically. This application is also compatible with many other applications such as Salesforce, Slack, Zapier, Salesloop, HubSpot, etc.


SalesRoads provides cold-calling-based lead generation services. They identify SQLs by phone. Your leads are evaluated by lead generation companies to determine customer needs and return those prospects that are a good fit to you so you can close deals quickly.

The company can also schedule appointments on your behalf. By having these initial conversations and asking about follow-up interest, SalesRoads offers the most value to busy companies looking for only SQLs.

Martal Group

By leveraging real-time data, The Martal Group identifies keyword surges for your unique product and reaches out to address them directly. This tool finds companies searching for a product or service in your industry, and enables you to reach out to them directly.

The feature creates custom workflows that drive prospect engagement through multiple personalized sales touchpoints, and sends active prospects to your sales team or works with you to onboard new clients. B2B leads are generated with phone calls, email, and LinkedIn, as well as using account-based marketing.

The Bottom Line

Lead generation can be a challenging process for many businesses, yet it's one of the most important components of growing and developing a business.

Lead generation is one of the toughest and most challenging tasks a brand can perform, so more and more brands are choosing to partner with lead generation companies to handle this task. Hundreds of lead generation companies exist today, and as you can tell from the list above, each offers something exceptional and unique. It is important to have clear business goals and to know your target market before researching the top lead generation companies.

OneMoreLead can help you keep leads who are ready to buy from escaping your business. The data offered by OneMoreLead can help companies reach the right people and sell more than their competitors. Using OneMoreLead, your sales team will be able to close deals up to 147% faster.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and enhance your lead generation rate today!

Key Challenges In B2B Lead Generation You Need To Consider in 2021

Lead generation is the fuel of B2B business and there is no two way about it. The process of lead generation can be baffling, particularly in this unprecedented time. While every aspect of life is going through a transitional phase in the new normal, B2B lead generation is posing more challenges than ever.

b2b sales
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Before moving towards the challenges in B2B lead generation, let’s run through the basic idea of lead generation in B2B marketing.

Lead Generation In B2B Marketing

Prior to the rage of digital marketing, lead generation involved few tools and has been classified as advertising, traditionally. At present, it is a concept beyond just advertising and has become the soul of business, especially B2B.

B2B lead generation has progressed to the point where you knock on the right door rather than the ones which won’t open, get them to come to you, and convert other businesses into potential customers in the form of sales leads.

Lead generation is not as simple as it used to be. A Hubspot report says, 61% of marketers consider generating traffic and leads to be their biggest pressure point.

marketing challenges survey
Source: Hubspot

B2B marketers don't have prospects until they have leads. Your firm will be unable to increase its client base if it does not have prospects. You can't make money or expand your brand unless you have a large and increasing client base.

Before movi toda and keep your lead generation wheel running! he challenges you have on your way. We have tried to point out the key challenges B2B marketers are facing all over the world.

8 B2B Lead Generation Challenges To Prepare For

B2B Lead Generation Challenge #1: Stagnant marketing strategy

Marketing strategy in B2B marketing has to be continuously evolving. A strategy should be a road map where the marketer can visualize prospects entering into the funnel, what they are looking for, and converting into a customer.

This requires an ample amount of time and effort to figure out. The painstaking part is, once you find out a strategy that works, you are not done.

You are in trouble if you keep doing what you have been doing. Since, building up a setup that can modify and adapt the strategies calls for the bulk share of the budget, most of the marketers hold on to a stagnant marketing strategy.

As per the B2B technology marketing community, B2B marketers have identified the lack of resources in staffing, budgeting, and time as the greatest barrier to lead generation.

A large portion of the B2B marketing strategy is based on paid search or advertising. The growing costs for ads are directly related to the impacts of the pandemic. Because people have shifted their workplaces online that has intensified the crowd. The offline vendors have also entered the market and relying on digital advertising at large.

It is difficult to be heard above the constant hissing of your competitors' and even non-competitors marketing. This has not just lead to an added cost on advertising. Along with that, content creation has become challenging. The lead magnets are not working anymore and the traffic from a targeted platform is not converting like before.

These challenges are more relatable to organizations that were not working remotely before the pandemic. Finding out the ideal remote tools that fit your marketing strategy may take months to years.

Overall, the circumstances and inclined costs have put many B2B marketers’ strategies to generate lead in a stagnant position.

B2B Lead Generation Challenge #2: Identifying the market demands

The process of identifying the market demands gets more frustrating as so many companies in the B2B space serve very niche markets of sub-markets.

There's a strong possibility that your target market isn't large enough for the product or service you're attempting to sell. Because there are only so many prospective possibilities out there, it's critical to locate them all.

The marketing process also gets high stakes because you can't afford to squander your chances with a prospect who has a limited number of high-potential contacts.

B2B Lead Generation Challenge #3: Failing to draw a balance between “Quality Leads” and “More Leads”

“Quality vs. Quantity” appears to be a constant perplexity in our life, especially for B2B marketers. There it is, whether we're talking about content, customers, or leads.

Clients or consumers who have indicated an interest in your brand, product, or service are known as leads. High-quality leads are those that have a greater chance of becoming paying clients. Your leads will be more likely to purchase your product or service if they are of higher quality.

As per a survey of Ascend2, seven out of ten marketers have said that the most important part of their lead generation strategy is to get better quality leads. On the other hand, in the same survey, 54% of those marketers wanted to increase the number of leads generated.

objectives of lead generation
Source: Ascend2

Having an investment strategy to build up quality leads often results in missing out on the probable revenue.

At one stage, marketers struggle to strike a balance while formulating strategies. This challenge arises from the linear lead generation model that is based on simple numbers rather than in-depth data.

B2B Lead Generation Challenge #4: Lack of coordination between the Sales and Marketing team

A sales development team exists to engage prospects and establish a connection with them even before they make a purchase decision. If the sales team can engage buyers before those buyers need to contact a seller, they have a 56% greater chance to convert the lead.

The crucial role the SDT plays in generating leads needs to be emphasized. Though the portrayal of the lead generation process is strongly associated with inbound marketing practices, it is only one side of the lead generation coin.

Marketers write the majority of Google's "lead generation process" results such as blogs and articles focused entirely on content marketing, SEO, social media, newsletters, and so on. So these strategies mostly lack the SDT team’s perception for generating the lead.

A study has shown that companies with closely aligned sales and marketing have a 35 percent higher customer retention rate and a 38 percent higher sales win rate. Furthermore, aligned organizations see a 32 percent revenue increase on average, whereas less aligned organizations experience a 7 percent revenue decrease.

B2B Lead Generation Challenge #5: Going with the crowd

With so much research about the best ways to generate leads, marketers get confused. Trying to follow overhyped case studies which worked for XYZ Corporation makes it more challenging.

Adapting strategies of the companies which go above and beyond to generate leads prevent the follower marketers from standing out in the crowd.

You may feel tempted to follow others because that’s what everyone else is doing in the crowd. This results in overall collapse. This hampers the whole industry because other marketer’s efforts get devalued as well.

With the increase of crowd and competitors, it is getting difficult to maintain the integrity of the strategies to generate leads.

B2B Lead Generation Challenge #6: Desperately trying to be a salesperson

The growing trend in the B2B market is to be an advisor more than a salesperson. While the key decision-makers are open for consultancy, most businesses lose prospects because they try too hard to sell the service or product.

Relying on one direction lead generation tools make it more difficult. A website or blog post makes the prospect feel you are talking at them rather than talking to them. This doesn’t help them to solve their pain points.

Building a relationship is the key challenge and the right time to build one is long before you need them. The evolving environmental factors in the B2B market can be challenging if you are not leveraging the terms.

B2B Lead Generation Challenge #7: Growing concerns about data privacy

The data security and privacy landscape have changed significantly in recent years. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which went into effect in May 2018, had a negative impact on 42 percent of firms, decreasing their lead database. Furthermore, 44% say GDPR has made capturing new leads and marketing to them extremely difficult.

The study, conducted by Gartner, also mentioned that almost one out of five marketers report privacy compliance as their main hurdle across marketing channels. A marketer's capacity to gather and extract data at a rapid rate is being harmed, and some of their past marketing technology investments are becoming obsolete.

This increasing privacy concern is giving marketers a difficult time analyzing the data.

Analytics, on the other hand, is only half of the equation. Marketers are the custodians and keepers of a company's brand image, and neglecting privacy concerns, whether by choice or necessity, might harm the company's brand value.

As we get closer to a future without cookies, many businesses must decide how to continue gathering important data while remaining compliant with new rules.

B2B Lead Generation Challenge #8: Finding out the right Lead Generation tool

The growing usage of automation tools is one of the greatest trends we're witnessing in lead generation. According to recent studies, 80 percent of marketers that utilize automation tools generate more leads (up to 451% more), and 77 percent convert more prospects than those who don't.

Whatever tool or automation process you are following, must be based on an in-depth database. The right B2B database software will keep your marketing strategies up-to-date and help you to derive leads. An outdated B2B database will only waste time and resources with no result yielding.

The most tiring part of the process is reviewing and updating the database periodically. But, the more frequently it is done, the easier it becomes each time.

B2B database also contains a clear picture of different types of leads and can guide you to balance quality leads and prospects in your marketing strategies.

Having data is not enough to generate lead sales. A report of MarketingSherpa says that only 56% of B2B companies verify the business leads before passing them to the sales team. Unverified data is of no use to your sales team and eventually increases the workload for no good reason.

With so many automation tools out there, finding the right one can help you to feel relieved. Oh yes, finding the right one can get troublesome too sometimes. At this point, it may seem too much work to do.

With OneMoreLead, you can’t simply go wrong. OneMoreLead offers a database of over 40 Million verified B2B prospects to search from. With OneMoreLead you will be able to create and manage curated customized lists. You’ll have 100% pre-verified data of CEOs, managers, and key decision-makers.

With customized reports and dashboards from OneMoreLeads, you’ll be able to track your work in real-time as well. Overall, it simplifies the sales process for your marketing team and closes more leads.

Final Thoughts

Lead generation in B2B marketing is the driving force of the business. With the increasing competition, every marketer meets the above challenges more or less. To tackle these common challenges, some inclusive strategies can help you to clear the hurdles.

Focus on finding ways to have conversations and build relationships. Level up your strategies to account-based marketing. Use the same level of attention to detail on prospects that haven’t landed yet. Track the position of your leads in the pipeline and cater to their needs accordingly.

And, here once again, we would like to remind you that, your best bet is a data-driven approach. Data-driven strategies keep no room for error and save the company from spending money that won’t return.

For startups, the challenges can become too overwhelming and they may not be able to afford to waste time and resources while switching between the strategies. The good news is, OneMoreLead can be the unified space for your sales team to prospect, build lists and qualify leads.

Get started today and keep your lead generation wheel running!

How to Get Real Estate Leads From Craigslist in 2021

Many people even don't know what Craigslist is. In this article, we'll have a brief roundup on Craigslist and then how to get real estate leads from craigslist. So, Craigslist is a text-based bulletin board style platform. People use this platform to share community information, post ads, and purchase or sell products. An agent gets connected to the local audience and create buyer leads through this platform by sharing free listings. The following are the steps to get real estate leads from Craigslist.

Real Estate Leads from craiglist

Step One: Create an Account on Craigslist:

It's not mandatory to create an account on this platform because you can post without it. But the account is beneficial as you can edit, renew any post or confirm everything if you have a proper account on it.

Want to create an account there? Read on!

Step Two: Select the category of posting:

You can post real estate listings free and easy.

Step Three: Agreeing to Real estate specific guidelines:

In the above steps, you've chosen the type of ad for your posts. Now, it's time to agree to the Craigslist guidelines for real estate.

Guidelines contain requirements for listings, posts in the future are for a specific, single, and available property at that time. It also consists of guidelines on what should be included and what not to these posts. Read the requirements thoroughly and make sure that you know all the rules.

After this, click on the option which says, "I'll abide by these guidelines," and it will take you to the posting process.

Step Four: Draft the Listing Title, Location, and description:

In this step 4, you'll add a title and description of your ad following an easy and straightforward format having no HTML format. In this step, you can also select a specific location.

To increase the real estate buyer leads, you've so many methods to do. It's recommended to use compelling copy, add a clear call to action, and trackable contact information.

How to make a useful listing post on Craigslist?

The useful listing post is a necessary step, so you should do it properly. The following are top tips to get a compelling listing post.

Engaging title:

Do not add the address of your property only. Your listing is useful if your title contains an unusual brief sentence about the property like something " Captivating house with the fascinating interior". It will seem more compelling to the audience.

Add a complete address:

Adding compelling title, postal code, email address, and posting description is enough for the field to fill, but adding a specific location on Craigslist is a plus Point. It's because the platform can quickly locate your property on an interactive map.

Neighborhood location:

Audiences get attracted when they find that their targeted area has remarkable sites. You can mention some nearby places such as market shops, schools, colleges, parks or any other location that's nearby. Adding attractive sites will compel audiences to reach you out.

A clear call to action:

You must add a robust Clear call to action; CTA at the end of body copy. It will let the leads to contact you for more detail information. You must also add some tracking numbers or codes so that you know that from where Leads are reaching.

If it's challenging to manage your time and you think you can't write a copy on this fantastic platform, you can consider a second option, which is hiring someone for this job. You can contact people on the Fiverr community (It's a platform where people offer their services). It will cost you a minimum of $5 to perform a task. The payment depends on the type of work. There are other platforms such as Upwork, where you can get your job done.

Step Five: Listing and License Information:

Step Six: An accurate map of listing:

The next step is to make a map for the listing address. Leads can locate your houses quickly if you have provided an accurate map. They also can decide if the neighborhood is appealing, and they'll reach you out immediately.

Submit address of street, nearby crossroads, city, and postal code of the property. Let the interactive map recognize your location when you drag and pin it. Proceed by clicking on "Continue."

Step Seven: High-quality photos of your listing:

collect real estate leads from Craigslist

Customized photos are plus point to add. If you want to attract more audiences, then try to personalize your photos. You can edit the pictures as you want.

Step Eight: Review and publish your post:

After this process, when your ad is published, it will remain for 45 days on the website. If you want to keep that post alive, the only way is to repost it before the expiration of the first one. But when the moderators detect that your account post too frequently, then they can delete your listing or ghost it so no one can see your post. Then it's recommended creating a separate account if you want to post your listing in any way. You can also use another option to use some platforms which will publish and repost your ad when the platform allows you. These options are KvCORE and Real Geeks.

What are the guidelines for posting on Craigslist?

Craigslist provides specific guidelines to follow to avoid deleting your post by moderators. If you want not to be flagged or delete your post by those moderators, follow instructions. If a property is available and not sold, make sure your ad is related to it. The real estate posting must be a specific and single property.

Do not ever add cartoons, market advice, or search links into your post. And about financing information, it's a bad idea to include. While designing your ad, avoid adding the following:


Always keep in mind the following factors when designing the ad of real estate for Craigslist:

· Add relevant details about the property you want to sell (Its price, area, location, number of bedrooms, washrooms, etc.).

A Faster Way to get Real Estate Leads!

The process mentioned above is a lengthy and super time consuming one. Not all business owners have the time to create craigslist posts for real estate leads. Many would just like to get access to highly qualified leads with a click of a button. That's where OneMoreLead comes in, we provide access to homeowner data that helps you gather intelligence, obtain phone numbers and emails for your target leads. Get access to over 100 leads for free by creating your free account today!