Email Checker — What It Is And Why You Should Use It

April 14, 2020

If you’ve been conducting an email marketing campaign, you should already know that an email checker is one of the most valuable tools you can have at your side. Whether you’re an industry veteran or a fresh-faced newbie, an email checker will help you make sure that your email marketing campaign finds success.

In this post, we are going to take a look at what exactly an email checker is and why it is critical that you use one.

First, the big question:

Email Checker — What Is It? Is it Free?

An email checker pretty much refers to any and all tools that can be used to verify and validate an email address. Free Email Checker, for example, is a pretty straightforward version that allows you to enter an email address, hit ‘check’, and find out if the email address is real or not.

In essence, an email checker — like the one at — is just a simplified email validation tool.

How Does Email Validation Work?

Simple email checkers usually work by extracting the MX records from the email address and connecting to a mail server (over SMTP and also simulates sending a message) to make sure the mailbox really exists for that particular user/address. Of course, using a free tool, you can’t expect 100% accuracy as some mail servers may not cooperate with the email checker. In such cases, the result of the email checker might not be as accurate as you expect them to be.

If you are breaking it down further, you’ll find that there are three steps involved in all email checkers:

1. Syntax/Format Checking

This part ensures that the email meets certain basic criteria. For example, all emails should contain the ‘@’ sign. If any email doesn’t contain it, email checkers will count them as invalid.

2. Domain Checking

The domain name is the part that comes after the ‘@’ sign. In this step, email checkers see if the email address has a valid domain name and if the domain name is configured to accept the email.

3. Mailbox Checking

In the final step, email checkers check the part before the ‘@’ sign to see if they are a valid mailbox? Because even if the ‘@’ sign exists and the domain exists, there could be no valid mailbox present.

Let’s check with an example:

Feel free to check the email address using a free email checker and you’ll find that it’s not valid. Why?

  1. The ‘@’ sign is present,
  2. The domain name — — is valid,
  3. ...However, “razzmatazz1191” is not a valid email address.

Email Checker — Why You Should Use It

Anyone who has done any amount of email marketing campaigns can attest that the biggest issue they have faced is probably email bounce backs. These are instances where an email you send cannot be delivered to your intended recipient. The message simply bounces back to you.

email checker prevents bounce back messages

In fact, according to the latest statistics, 8.85% of the total emails sent got bounced. Seeing as how the benchmark for what an acceptable bounce rate is 2%, 8.85% is not a good number at all.

Email bounce backs occur when you are sending emails to mailboxes that don’t exist or are non-responsive for one reason or another. You may think “So what?” — After all, it doesn’t matter if some people don’t get back to you, right? The problem, however, is that email bounce backs will affect your campaign on a deeper level. A level that might make it harder for your campaign to recover and succeed.

What Exactly Will Happen If Your Bounce Rate Is Too High?

Good question. A high rate of email bounce backs will have a negative impact on your IP reputation, sender reputation, and deliverability. All these factors are based on data like how many emails you send, how many of them are actually delivered, how many are caught by the spam filter, how your recipients feel about your email, and more. Every bounce back or bad email that you send will result in your business getting a negative score.

Your sender reputation score is somewhat similar to your credit score. It will take a hit every time you send out an unwanted email or an email that bounces back. As you already know, it’s hard work building a positive credit score and incredibly easy to ruin it all. It’s much the same with your sender reputation score.

What’s worse is that if your bounces repeat, if your IP reputation or sender reputation gets too low… you could very well have your email account be suspended by your Email Service Provider (ESP). Every ESP has an allowance for spam, unnecessary emails and bounce backs. If you exceed the limit, you’re in big trouble.

All of this means that it is imperative that you make sure that you are sending your email marketing materials to the right, valid, existing addresses. An email checker can help you ensure your success in this regard.

In-Depth Email Verification And Validation

Sure, a simple email checker will be more than enough to help you out if you are running a relatively small campaign. However, when you start dealing with hundreds and thousands of emails in one campaign — as you most probably will — you’ll face some problems. Usually, most free email checkers you’ll find on the net simply are not equipped to deal with large scale email marketing campaigns.

This is where you need a fully dedicated email verification and validation platform.

An email validation service will do everything that an email checker does and more. It’ll make sure that there are no typographical errors, perform a formatting and syntax check, and do domain verification and mailbox verification. But it will go an extra step and check for spam traps and honey pots, which are put in place by government authorities and internet service providers to catch companies which are spamming or using old or outdated lists.

VerifyBee — Cutting Edge Email Verification Platform

If you intend to carry out a large scale email marketing campaign, you already know that you can’t rely on free email checkers. You need a reliable, modern email verification platform that will go above and beyond for you. That’s what you will get when you sign up for VerifyBee.

VerifyBee is the one tool you need to ensure that you need to make sure that every single email on your list is valid. Integrating with most major email marketing platforms to ensure that your workflow is never interrupted, VerifyBee provides a constantly evolving service at affordable prices.

Sign up now, take advantage of 100 Monthly Credits for free and improve your email marketing campaign today with VerifyBee.

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