How To Grow Your Business: 10 Tips For 2022 And Beyond

Business owners are always looking for opportunities to achieve growth. Read on to know ten tips on how to grow your business in 2021 and beyond. 
Aug 23, 2021
Tanjina R
Content Writer @ OneMoreLead

Growing your business can become rocket science at times, especially during this unprecedented time. While a significant number of businesses have suffered during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, a good number have adapted to the accelerated change.

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Congratulations if you have sustained till now because it must have taken strong resilience and perseverance. This adaptability muscle needs to be nurtured to thrive in your business.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the important factors to focus on for growing your business in 2021 and provide tips and tricks to help you keep up with the time.

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  • To grow your business take content marketing to a prolific level. Instead of sounding salesy, make content focusing on the problems your targeted audiences are facing.
  • Scrap off your outdated data and data collection technologies. For business growth having a powerful database has no alternative. Take advantage of big data analytics and improve the overall productivity of your team.
  • Find the right strategy to generate and nurture leads. To expand the business, one needs to focus on both existing leads and find new ones.
  • Along with paying money on advertisements, participate in sponsorships. It has a long-term effect to grow your business.
  • Make engaging videos and do live streaming to connect on a greater level with customers. Creating a video landing page can boost your business.
  • Improve customer care services and give attention to your customer’s experience. Their feedbacks are your social proof to keep your business booming.
  • Analyze your competitors to keep yourself ahead. This will help your business to grow significantly.
  • Stop wasting time and resources. Choose the right marketing tools and enjoy the results of automation.

10 Tips To Grow Your Business Easily

1. Informative Content Marketing

Content marketing is not exclusive to any particular industry. With so many content creators rising, one may feel, it is unnecessary to involve in content marketing.

Some people have a limited idea of the content and they understand content marketing as one or two newsletters, free templates, or a year old pdf.

But there’s more to content marketing. If your existing website is just a static online brochure showcasing your products and services, it's time to create a content-rich platform to boost your organic traffic.

Your website is where you can show off not only your products and services but also your expertise.

What value does your website provide to a potential visitor? Is it so compelling that people want to remain, read, scroll, and possibly buy?

Take an example of the fastest-growing SaaS companies. 85% of them have a blog for sharing content. And the contents are mainly educative, reader-friendly, and free of technical jargon. These blogs are designed to solve problems and provide value to the reader.

fastest growing SaaS companies graph
Source: EmilybyFord

The figure above shows that a mixture of both self-promotional content and educational content is the most popular content marketing strategy.

One can consider creating online courses as well. This has a huge array of benefits and can work as a source of passive income as well.

2. Enrich Prospect Database

Large databases are something that big companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook all have in common. It goes without saying that a robust database is a highly valuable asset, even in terms of the overall value of your business.

More or less every industry is utilizing big data. Netflix analyzed their 100 million subscribers and was able to influence 80% of content viewed by subscribers with the help of accurate data insights.

Big Data analytics' advantages are well-known. Despite this, 63 percent of employees say they can't get the information they need on time. They rely on outdated database and overburdened BI personnel which limits the productivity and increase security threats, resulting in a reduced ROI over time.

You can establish a direct connection with interested prospects if you’re equipped with personally identifiable information. You can also boost engagement across all other online channels. This makes your company data-driven which 39% of business domain experts admitted they are not sure of its actual meaning.

3. Focus On Lead Generation

Lead generation is undoubtedly a crucial step for any business. Leads are a component of the larger lifecycle that customers go through as they move from visitor to customer. Leads aren't all made equal (nor are they qualified the same).

There are various types of leads depending on how they are qualified and where they are in the sales funnel. This includes Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL), Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) and Product Qualified Lead (PQL).

Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) is the audience who are ready to convert because they have already shown interest in becoming a paying customer. But that’s where the frustration begins.

Leads may engage with your marketing teams’ efforts, but pushing them forward is where actually it gets more challenging. Other than warm leads who have engaged with your marketing team, you need to also focus on cold leads to grow your business.

The core customer you already have is your established revenue resource. And to expand beyond that, you have to prioritize attracting new customers as well.

Finding the right strategy, tactic, or offer to get leads’ attention puts the companies under enormous pressure.

4. Participate In Virtual Event Sponsorships

You often hear that to grow your business you need to go above and beyond. Participating in sponsorship, particularly when you have survived a pandemic may seem overwhelming.

Usually, advertising disrupts user’s experience with a product or content promotion. But, sponsorship is the underwriting of a piece of content. A sponsored download can generate leads along with creating brand recognition through sponsorship.

virtual event illustration
Image from Pixabay by Alexandra Koch

As per the research of B2B international, global advertising continues to grow at around 3% per annum while sponsorship is growing at 4% per annum.

In the post-pandemic era, virtual events have replaced offline gatherings. It encompasses webinars, podcasts, virtual conferences, virtual job fairs, and lots more.

You may approach website owners and businesses directly and ask if you can advertise on their site or sponsor a podcast or event they're organizing.

Always remember that everything is negotiable, and only contact businesses that connect with your target audience.

5. Make Videos And Do Livestreaming

The digital landscape is growing, and video content is coming along for the voyage. YouTube, the world's second-biggest search engine, can testify to the fact that people like watching videos for a number of reasons, including entertainment, education, and brand, product, and service information.

woman livestreaming
Image from Pexels by Ivan Samkov

JLB Media reports, while searching online for local products or services, 44% of people viewed an online video. Moreover, organic traffic improved by up to 157% with the addition of video content.

Create and release short videos if you want to have influence or impact in the market. More than descriptive videos, Instagram reels, 60-second videos, behind-the-scenes teasers, animation are quite in the trend. You can also create a video landing page to have more engagement.

To take it one step further, research says that, people watch live videos over 3 times longer than they watch a pre-recorded video. It’s easier than ever to reach a large number of people with live streaming features on YouTube (after reaching 1,000 subscribers), LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms.

6. Pay Attention To Customer Experience

Focusing on delivering exceptional customer service is another excellent way to expand your organization. Customers are more inclined to tell their friends, family, and followers about your business if you surpass their expectations.

Customer service does not have to be expensive. You may need to invest in a few things. It all comes down to having the correct mindset and putting in the necessary time and effort to help your clients.

It's as easy as that: if you're ready to go the additional mile for your clients, they'll reward you with loyalty and a great deal on referrals.

It’ll also open the door to social proof. When customer’s leave their experiences with you in the review, it’ll say a lot about your service.

Customer feedback and ratings, on the other hand, can be a double-edged sword. While a large number of good reviews can help your brand image, a small number of bad reviews or no reviews at all might make people skeptical of your product or service.

7. Analyze your competitors

While it may not result in instant growth, studying your competitors is one of the most crucial stages in a business. Consider who your competitors are, what they're doing that works for them (that you're not doing), and how you might stand out from them.

Identify your competitors and take time to categorize them. Analyze the online presence of your competitors. This entails visiting their website, following them on social media, and reading their customer evaluations on these platforms and other online business listings.

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You can take notes about where your competitors are excelling and where they might improve as you evaluate each of their strategies. You'll want to make sure you're looking for ways to outsmart them, as well as any risks they could offer.

8. Choose The Right Marketing Tools

A precise message and strategy that are relevant to the problems you want to solve are required for an effective and successful campaign. You must decide on your target audience and make use of marketing tools like OneMoreLead as part of this process.

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Remember not to limit yourself to a single marketing strategy.

If you're conducting many campaigns, you'll need to employ a variety of tactics and technologies. They must be relevant, deliver your message effectively, and appeal to your target markets.

9. Practice Business Ethics

Businesses that support and implement ethical marketing have a great reputation for social responsibility and cultural awareness. Clients and potential clients frequently see this positively, and it may even be the decisive factor in their choice to buy from one company over another.

Marketing ethics touches on communication through collecting and using the personal data of clients.

There are several marketing codes of conduct available depending on the region. No matter from which region you are operating, respect the right to privacy of your clients and comply with various laws and regulations.

10. Optimize Your Pricing Plan

People want more value for their money, and you're certainly looking for more value for your services.

Instead of charging for one service or product, offer bundles that contain a variety of services. Add PDFs to your course bundles, add consultancy to the bundle, templates, checklists, offer free trials, and referral discounts to boost your transaction value, and more.

You may be as creative as you want with what you include, but increasing the value of your products or services does not have to imply spending more time on them.

Create different pricing plans your customers can choose from to maximize your profit and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.

Instead of offering everything separately, make a list of all of your assets, information, goods, and services and figure out what you can offer together in a higher-value bundle.

Here’s how OneMoreLead structures its pricing plan, helping users pick the plan that suits them the most.

onemorelead pricing

Final Word

You’re likely to be disappointed if you’re looking for hyperspecific tips on how to grow your business. But it's important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to attracting leads and growing your business.

Different tactics work for different businesses. Experimenting is the greatest approach to figure out what works best for you.

The year 2020 just expedited a lot of business trends that were already shifting. More and more businesses are going online, so now is the time to learn the skills you'll need to stand out from the crowd and use the digital tools at your disposal to serve your clients wherever they are.

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