B2B Lead Generation- The Complete Guide For 2022

Obtaining a lead is frequently the first step a company must do before closing a deal. Leads assist businesses in gaining clients, increasing revenue, and maintaining profitability. Creating and converting leads may also assist businesses in gaining a market share. It can lead to them becoming well-known or recognized in their field.

automated lead generation software automated lead generation software
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In this article, we will show you why lead generation is so important and how it may help you expand your business.

What Is Lead Generation?

A lead refers to a person or a group of people. They express(es) interest in your company's services or goods and is/are considering making a purchase. The process of recruiting potential clients and converting them into someone who is interested in your organization or product is known as lead generation.

In their joint lead-generating operations, modern companies and marketers employ a variety of tactics.

What Is B2B Lead Generation?

The process of catching the attention of leads rich in purpose so that they may be contacted and cultivated for sales is known as B2B lead generation. It all starts with marketing efforts that assist build interest from a certain group of potential customers, who then convert into "leads" who are qualified based on predetermined criteria.

Lead creation aids in the materialization of demand by filling the top of the client acquisition funnel. These leads are potential clients and sales pipeline closure prospects. Because your results are dependent on the effectiveness of your lead generation activities, B2B lead creation is a critical initial step in the sales process.

Marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and sales qualified leads (SQLs) are two types of leads created through B2B lead creation methods (SQLs). Let's take a closer look at what they are.

Marketing Qualified Leads

Marketing qualified leads are those who meet your buyer profile based on their interaction with your marketing activity. A low-touch qualifying process filters target audiences and visitors on marketing assets, transforming them into MQLs.

Marketing teams in charge of generating and qualifying leads are frequently in charge of MQLs. The following are examples of MQL qualifying criteria -

Sales Qualified Leads

Sales qualified leads (SQLs) are MQLs that have been qualified by sales teams as having a high level of buying intent. SQLs are created so that the sales team may prioritize and concentrate on the most likely to convert prospects. This strategy is beneficial, especially for items with longer sales cycles, because nurturing the incorrect leads might severely affect conversion rates.

SQLs, like MQLs, are qualified and scored based on predetermined criteria, but each SQL must be vetted by the sales team. Frameworks like BANT, MEDDIC, CHAMP, and others can be used to qualify SQLs.

Differences Between B2C & B2B Lead Generation

A customer is defined as someone who is not linked with a certain business or brand. B2C stands for business to customer. Amazon and eBay are examples of firms whose only aim is to sell things to customers.

In general, B2B clients are more concerned with conserving money because their primary goal is to create money, but B2C consumers are more willing to spend bigger sums of money. B2B models also offer the benefit of generating greater money with fewer consumers. In B2B deals, this also indicates that your sales cycle is longer.

Another significant distinction between the B2C and B2B sectors is that, in general, product presentation is a more important purchase criterion in the B2C market. Before presenting a product or package, most B2B organizations would consider the pricing and usefulness of the product or service. However, in the B2C sector, one of the most important purchase determinants is product packaging and presentation.

Some businesses have exclusively B2B business models, while others have A B2C business models. Today, hybrid B2B and B2C business models are common, especially among bigger B2C businesses with distinct divisions for B2B operations.

There are some slight distinctions in the way marketing practitioners will need to take when it comes to lead creation. Many of these factors are stylistic considerations or decisions based on prior knowledge of your 'target audience' or 'Perfect Customers.'

When comparing B2C and B2B lead generation, another area where there is a significant difference is the utilization of social media. In contrast to B2B lead creation, where the only true platform that has any purpose is Linkedin, many B2C leads are created for organizations' B2C initiatives.

Why B2B Lead Generation Is Important


The following are some of the advantages of B2B lead creation for marketing departments -


The following are some of the advantages of B2B lead creation for a sales department -

B2B Lead Generation Pipeline

Learning how to generate leads is only a portion of the equation. If you're serious about growing your business, you'll need a robust lead-generating strategy. Processes bring marketing and sales teams together and provide salespeople with a tried-and-true structure to follow.

  1. Find Your B2B Leads - Finding the contact information of potential buyers is the first step in creating B2B leads. Contact information is frequently developed in-house, purchased from a lead database, or generated by a third-party organization.
  2. Reach Out To Leads - Reps contact leads via cold outreach, social media, or answering queries after compiling a list of (ideally) high-quality leads.
  3. Qualify & Examine High-Quality Leads - Reps assess how probable leads are to buy when communicating with them. They'll do it by determining where leads are in the purchase process. These stages are as follows -

Reps will start nurturing campaigns or focus on getting the prospect to schedule a call or demo depending on where they are in the sales cycle.

  1. Close Leads - The prospect chooses you after many meetings with various vendors, and the sale is closed. For onboarding, they'll be transferred to customer success.

Different Types Of B2B Lead Generation Leads

We will now look at the three different forms of B2B leads. Every lead is an opportunity to get a new loyal customer, but not all leads are the same.

Cold Leads

A cold lead is a firm that has been judged a suitable fit for your brand, either as a result of a third-party lead purchased from a lead-generating provider or as a result of a lead developed in-house. In general, they have a lower conversion rate than other B2B lead generation strategies, owing to the fact that the potential lead has no prior awareness of the brand. With cold leads, the basic goal is to throw a wide net because this strategy does not foster many prospects.

Warm Leads

Warm leads are businesses that have previously connected with your business by filling out an email form, visiting a website several times, or watching or downloading free information you have available online.

These activities suggest that the potential lead is interested in your business, thus they are more likely to interact with your website and make a transaction.

Hot Leads

A hot lead, also known as a qualified lead, is a firm that has demonstrated a strong desire to make a transaction and is already interested in your company or brand. They may have found their way to your website as a result of targeted advertising or as a consequence of a warm lead is followed up on, but hot leads are ready to buy.

Different Types Of B2B Lead Generation

Eight primary categories exist when it comes to lead generating tactics, they are as follows -

Final Takeaways

B2B lead generation is an important aspect of your company's success since it allows you to interact with your target market. You can convert potential leads into loyal customers and increase your earnings with this access to your target demographic.

To get ahead of the competition, consider OneMoreLead. OneMoreLead has a database of over 55+ Million verified B2B prospects to search from, & allows you to find your ideal prospects to build your list within minutes. This has enabled OneMoreLead to partner with companies such as Google, Shopify, Microsoft, and many more.

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Top 6 B2B Lead Generation Software For The Best Leads In 2022

From being a necessity for only small businesses, B2B Lead Generation has quickly earned its place in the top priorities of large, well-established ones, as well. Today B2B Lead Generation Software is simply one of the fastest-growing industries in the realm of digital marketing. In fact, studies show that the Lead Generation Software industry is likely to grow by five folds within the next seven years.

automated lead generation software automated lead generation software
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Why is B2B Lead Generation so in the talks right now? What does it do, and how does it benefit one's company? And more importantly, if you were to choose a B2B software today, which one should you be going for and why? Well, not to worry because we have you covered.

So dive right in as we answer all of your frequent queries regarding the B2B Lead Generation Software.

Table of Content


What Is A B2B Lead Generation Software?

But before we start discussing B2B Lead Generation Software, let's ask ourselves if we all understand what we mean by B2B Leads. As to give you a brief, B2B Leads is the term assigned to people who are considered the potential customers for your business. So, these are the potential candidates to generate value using your products or services.

And B2B Lead Generation Tools are programs that automate the process of finding prospective leads from different channels and assist the sales and marketing teams in converting them into customers. Simply put, Lead Generation Tools help capture the attention of more and more sales leads. So instead of manually inserting data to generate interest from your potential buyers, you can focus on developing campaigns and allow the tools to help materialize the demand.

How Does B2B Lead Generation Software Work?

Lead Generation is the process through which you nurture your potential customers to the point that they want to share information with your business. And B2B Lead Generation Tools are optimized to help your sales and marketing teams find these qualified sales leads. So, the more sales lead that enter the top of your sales funnel, the more the revenues for your company.

So how does it do it? Imagine this, you see a post on a social media page and go to their website with the link provided. Once you get interested in their product or service on their website and click the CTA button, it will immediately show you an offer in exchange for information. Information such as your email address. And the minute you fill out the form and accept the offer, you will get considered as a lead on their website.

Furthermore, the Lead Generation Software will send the data to the sales team. That said, the amount of access to data that your sales and marketing team has and their strategy will determine the success rate of the B2B Software.

Why You Should Use B2B Lead Generation Software

In the olden days, B2B was conducted manually by the sales and the marketing team. Advertisements on the television or radio or sending out emails, and many more were the process through which they used to attract prospective customers. However, times have changed.

Nowadays, companies have leveraged their Lead Generation through technology. Not only does B2B Lead Generation Software attract prospective customers to your website, but they help you manage the Leads better as well. And more importantly, it will help you grow your sales pipelines by filling out the top funnel of your customer acquisition.

Since it helps you grow your sales pipelines, it means that your entire sales process gets accelerated by filling up your sales funnel quicker. On top of that, the Software maintains your Leads information better and assesses the data to generate better Leads in the future.

The success of your company depends on multiple factors. So, the more you can focus on designing campaigns and other crucial elements by leveraging the generation of B2B Leads through technology, the better. Your company could be saving both time and energy by optimizing B2B Lead through Software instead of manual data entry.

The Key Features To Look For In A Lead Generation Software

Different solutions fit different purposes. That said, there are multiple aspects to consider while choosing the right fit for you.

User Friendly

If your team has issues using the Software, it is not the right fit for your company. Your Software needs to be easy-to-use and accessible enough so people do not get intimidated by it and can use it even if they do not have any prior experience.


One of the key features you need to look out for is scalability. If the Software is willing to adapt to changes made along the way and how much it will charge you with every change.


The success of your Lead Generation strategy will depend a lot on how flexible your Software is and how malleable it can be to incorporate with your already existing CRM solutions and third-party technologies.

Reporting and Analytics

Data reporting and analytics are some of the most crucial parts of the Lead Generation process because it helps your team strategize and come up with better solutions. So, you need to assess how easily your Software can calculate your Return On Investment and gather the data to analyze the issues and what steps need to be taken by the team to solve them.

Top 6 B2B Lead Generation Tools

Your Lead Generation Software can only do so much for the success of your Lead Generation Strategy. However, that does not mean that you can choose whatever tool, and it will work the same for your business. Because when it comes to Lead Generation Software, there is no one-size-fits-all rule.

For your convenience, we have listed down the seven best tools to opt for while choosing the Lead Generation Software for your company.

1. OneMoreLead

Let's start with one of the best in the industry, OneMoreLead. Now, I may sound biased, but the features provided by this Software speak for themselves. Over 3000+ brands incorporating OneMoreLead with their business is proof on itself that how seamlessly the Software nurtures client relationships.

automated lead generation software automated lead generation software
Source: OneMoreLead

OneMoreLead is a Lead Generation Software that allows you the Ultimate Lead Generation experience by finding Leads within only 60 seconds with its over 40 million B2B database. Each Lead is verified and comes with a guaranteed Credit Back, a piece of information that you can further save in its dashboard for future seamless Lead generation.

With its automated email feature and client-based data analytics, you can attract more people to your site and convert them into verified sales Leads for your business. Furthermore, its hyper-focused database and real-time verification enable you to find the perfect potential customers and facilitate a better first impression of them. And if all of this was not enough to sail your ship, it offers three different pricing solutions so you can incorporate OneMoreLead regardless of the size of your business.

2. Skrapp

Skrapp is a Chrome Extension that basically finds out the LinkedIn emails of your prospects. Once you incorporate Skrapp with your LinkedIn profile or Sales navigator, it assesses the information and delivers you a list of qualified B2B Leads, including their email and contact information.

With the help of up to 150 contact details provided every month by Skrapp, you can quickly grow your sales funnel by building a relationship with your Lead prospects. All you need to do is go to each person's LinkedIn profile name and click "Find Email," and the software will generate it for you. And if all of that was not enough, it starts its paid plan from $49 per month only.

3. Prospect.io

Prospect is one of those sales automation software that you will find mentioned in almost every article. It is a modern-day email prospecting tool, fully integrated with tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Close.io.

Prospect.io helps you quickly fill out the sales funnel by analyzing Leads based on website activity. Once you integrate this software as your Google Chrome Extension, it finds suitable prospects and automatically generates a list of all the ideal Leads. From there onwards, you can send customized emails directly to your Leads and track the performance all with one click. That said, its monthly plan starts from as low as $35, which makes it even more accessible to a larger audience.

4. HubSpot

From generating Leads from the marketing emails to categorizing them according to the target audience and tracking down the performance of emails sent to the Leads, HubSpot does it all.

HubSpot is fit for landing pages, SEO optimization, social media, analytics, and ticks almost all of the boxes of the needed features within a Lead generation Software. Its email extension feature lets you send emails in bulk and decide on which emails to track.

The software that starts with a monthly paid plan of $50 lets you attract people to your website and further nurture them into valuable Leads. So, not only is this app generating Leads to increase traffic on your site, but analyzing the results for you to close the deal quickly.

5. LeadFeeder

LeadFeeder is another useful B2B Software that alerts you of everyone that visits your website, even if they do not fill out any forms. It uses Google Analytics to connect to your account and help you find better Leads for your sales pipelines by analyzing the website traffic. Once the Software finds potential Leads, it sends the data directly to the CRM for further analysis.

Signing up to LeadFeeder will allow you an insight into your company's employee count, industry details, contact details, and many more. They offer a 14-day trial period, so you can try it out and see if it's the right fit for your company. Once you find it helpful, you can start with its Premium monthly plan starting at $63.

6. Intercom

If you want to incorporate live chat on your site, Intercom is the way to go. Starting at a $49 per month plan, this software allows you to attract more people to your site and then keep them engaged with the live messaging.

With Intercom, you can send emails to your ideal prospects, manage automated conversations on-site, and, in return, keep them engaged with demo videos and much more. Thus, the traffic and engagement increase on your website.

How to Choose the Right B2B Lead Generation Tool?

Considering the number of Lead Generation Tools that are available in the market currently, the process of choosing Lead Generation Software for your company can simply become daunting.

So start by making a list of all the features you need to incorporate with your Lead Generation Strategy. You should consider factors such as the size of your business, your industry, your competitors, and your end goal with your Software. If you want something that will better the user experience for your customers by answering questions on-site, go for Software that features bots. However, if you are looking for something that will fill out the sales funnel quicker by generating potential customers, go for Software as such.

Remember to prioritize the decision of your sales and marketing team and try to go for something that they are comfortable using.

Final Words

Regardless of your take on Lead Generation Software, your business could be wasting both its time, energy, and resources by manually inserting Lead data.

Lead Generation Tools not only allow you to attract prospects to your website but to convert them into loyal customers as well. It rids you of the added inconveniences of manually inserting data for sale Leads and allows you to focus on other components of your business campaign.

Looking for a B2B lead generation software that can be the best fit for your business? You can give OneMoreLead a shot.

Book a demo today, and find your leads from a database of over 40 Million verified B2B prospects.

Automated Lead Generation Software: Why And Which One To Choose?

Whether you sell to consumers or businesses, you would be losing potential leads each day if you’re not utilizing any lead generation software. Automated lead generation software can do many wonders to leverage your presence in this highly competitive market.

lead generation
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For a business to develop, lead generation needs efficient strategies and channels. No matter how much effort you put, you need more and more leads to grow your business. Automated lead generation software can optimize how you generate leads; your business growth will suffer without it.

B2B or B2C marketers are constantly building strategies to acquire automated leads. Your automated lead generation process will provide you with a consistent stream of qualified leads. In addition, the more you automate your lead generation process, the more efficient your sales funnel will become.

This article will help you identify why your business needs automated lead generation software and the best ways to achieve it.

Table Of Contents


What Is Lead Generation Software?

Lead generation is the process of attracting potential customers into your sales pipeline so that you can engage them, tell them about your products and services, and proceed them through the channel.

This software can also make it simple to segment and target the appropriate leads based on demographics, marketing channel, or use case.

This process is divided into two categories. First, outbound lead generation methods include direct mail, email marketing, and cold calling. On the other hand, PPC, content marketing, and SEO are all methods of generating inbound leads.

What Is Automated Lead Generation?

Automated Lead Generation uses software to automate some aspects of your lead generation and marketing process. It enables your company to produce better results for lead generation and nurturing without the time investment required for traditional outreach and sales.

automated lead generation software
Image by Fotis Fotopoulos from Unsplash

This will provide a consistent flow of potential leads into your marketing. The advantages of this approach include a consistent flow of sales leads and increased sales productivity.

An automated lead generation software can help you in the following:

Why Should You Use An Automated Lead Generation Software?

Your sales and marketing team can’t do the repetitive tasks all day. You hired them to help you generate more leads for your company and achieve your growth goals.

You can keep your pipeline full without resorting to repetitive tasks by automating parts of your sales and marketing process.

Thus, with automated lead generation software, your team can focus on high-impact tasks such as closing deals and investing in new strategies to accelerate your growth.

Let’s look at the benefits of automated lead generation software:

  1. Ensure increased efficiency
  2. Help you prioritize your prospects
  3. Maintain regular connections with customers
  4. Nurture your prospects better
  5. Keep track of your progress
  6. Enable you to close the sales faster

What Are The Types Of Automated Lead Generation Software?

By now, you already know how automated lead generation software can streamline your sales funnel. Below, we will be discussing five types of automated lead software with examples to help you choose according to your requirements.

Customer Analytics And Data Collection Focused

Now, let's look at customer data collection and analytics automation tools to see how they can help you automate processes and collect data more easily.


OneMoreLead can offer you the ultimate lead generation process with its automated email service and customer-focused data analytics. Having a B2B database of over 40 million verified B2B prospects, OneMoreLead can identify clients that are relevant to you.

automated lead generation software automated lead generation software
Source: OneMoreLead

OneMoreLead enables filtering data for prospects that can facilitate your communication with clients so you can promote your business to them. It has real-time verification, and seamless prospect lists integration.

Pricing plans of OneMoreLead are convenient, including three sections. Thus, if you are a small business owner, you can select the plan as per your requirements and budget to speed up your sales growth.


Hotjar analyzes potential customers' site and/or promotional landing page behavior in real-time. It accomplishes this by generating heatmaps that visually represent where prospects click, move, and scroll on your site, thereby providing a clear picture of your behavior analytics.

automated lead generation software automated lead generation software
Source: Hotjar

It also includes customer surveys and real-time feedback gathering tools that you can use to improve the flow and branding of your website in order to convert potential leads into customers.


Leadfeeder is a B2B automated lead generation software that uses Google Analytics to display companies that visit your website. It enriches your CRM data with visit details and enables your teams to use the same data across the board. Increase the number of leads who have expressed an interest in your services.


Qualaroo is a powerful customer feedback tool that allows you to collect customer insights that are ten times more valuable than email surveys. Its proprietary pop-up surveys, known as Nudges, enable you to ask the right questions to your users at the right time. You can save time when creating web, in-app, and link surveys by using ready-made nudge templates.

Email Marketing Focused

Email marketing remains one of the most lucrative marketing channels. You must consistently build your email list and target it with the appropriate message.

Let's take a look at three lead generation tools that can help you boost your email marketing lead generation efforts.


AeroLeads is a powerful web-based Prospect Generation Software that not only finds relevant prospects but also obtains their contact information. All data can be saved in your account, exported, and transferred to other sites such as SalesForce, Zapier, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and so on.

aeroleads hompage
Source: AeroLeads

It is a robust Prospecting and Sales Intelligence software that integrates with sites such as LinkedIn, Crunchbase, and AngelList, as well as allowing you to upload your own lists.


ConvertKit is an email marketing and lead generation platform that allows you to send automated email campaigns to your subscribers and customers. It also allows you to create simple landing pages and forms for collecting email addresses.

Source: ConvertKit


Mailshake is a sales engagement platform designed for modern sales teams. Send personalized cold emails at scale and assign tasks to engage with prospects via phone and social media, all from a single dashboard and in a single sequence.

mailshake homepage
Source: mailshake.com

Mailshake will fit perfectly within your sales tech stack, with native integrations to top salesforce and Pipedrive and 3rd party integrations to thousands of apps.

PPC Marketing Focused

Here are some tools that will help with your PPC efficiently.

Google Ads Editor

Google Ads Editor is a free app that allows Google Ads advertisers to make bulk changes to their PPC campaigns while they are offline. Although it is not completely automated, it does allow you to streamline and manage your PPC marketing.

It allows you to manage, edit, and view multiple accounts at the same time, making it easier to manage your Google PPC campaigns.


Optmyzr can manage PPC ads more effectively at scale with recommendations for optimizations you can apply with a single click. Manage Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Amazon Ads ads, bids, budgets, keywords, and more. Create and manage shopping ads based on your merchant feed. Custom workflows are also automated.

optmyzr homepage
Source: optmyzr.com

Traffic Booster

Traffic Booster is a good Optmyzer alternative for more PPC automation. It is designed for eCommerce retailers and handles all aspects of your PPC marketing, automating the entire PPC lead generation process. It creates, manages, and optimizes campaigns for peak performance and optimal ROIs.

Landing Page Focused

Let’s look at some landing page focused automated lead generation software:


Leadpages makes it easy for small businesses to create landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars. It collects leads while also automatically routing them through CRM and other tools. Leadpages helps you grow your email list by providing built-in opt-in offers, instant digital file delivery, and conversion-optimized content with real-time tracking.


Instapage is a lead generation tool that lets you create custom landing pages for all of your digital advertising campaigns. It has been used to create over four million landing pages to date.

Instapage enables you to create personalized landing pages that adhere to your brand's guidelines. The landing pages are also mobile-friendly and AMP-optimized.


RightMessage generates onsite CTAs based on specific user behavior on your website. It ensures that users' experiences on business websites and landing pages are as personalized as possible by analyzing site visitors to determine who they are, what they do, and what they are looking for.

Customer Communication Focused

Let’s look at the tools that facilitate your communication with the targeted prospects:


Intercom is a platform for customer communications. It allows you to improve customer relationships by providing personalized, messenger-based experiences throughout the customer journey. It enables teams to manage all customer interactions from a single dashboard and personalize communications using customer data.


Drift is a one-of-a-kind platform that combines Conversational Marketing and Conversational Sales to help businesses grow revenue and customer lifetime value more quickly. It is used by over 50,000 businesses to align sales and marketing on a single platform to deliver a unified customer experience in which people are free to speak with a business at any time, on their terms.


Recart is an automated lead generation software that allows you to send broadcasts or personalized notifications directly through Messenger. It also includes automated sequences that are triggered based on how a user interacts with your page. As a result, each recipient receives a more personalized communication. Recart also gives you the option of offering a customer chat feature directly through Facebook Messenger.

SEO Automation Focused

Let’s look at the tools that help in SEO automation for your business:


Semrush is an all-in-one platform for marketers to manage SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing. They provide a variety of tools for SEO automation (such as rank tracking, on-page SEO, and competitor SEO analysis) to streamline searches and drive more qualified prospects to your website.


SEOs and marketing professionals all over the world rely on Ahrefs as the ultimate SEO toolset, powered by industry-leading data. Ahrefs crawls the web, stores massive amounts of data, and makes it easily accessible via a straightforward user interface. Keyword research, link building, content marketing, competitive research, website audits, and rank tracking can all benefit from the data.


Ubersuggest, created by Neil Patel, allows users to reverse engineer their competitors' SEO and content marketing strategies. It is an SEO tool that is designed to streamline SEO and create a content blueprint. It includes a variety of SEO tools such as keyword research, top SEO page reports, backlink data, generating content ideas, and more.

Wrapping Up

Automated lead generation software can boost your lead generation efforts ensuring that you attract the right visitors and provide them with the right offer. You can spend a huge amount of money for your business, but if you’re not optimizing your lead generation with personalization, then you will be losing your customer acquisition.

If you’re looking for a reliable solution for your automated lead generation software, OneMoreLead will be a perfect fit for you. Having customer-focused data analytics, OneMoreLead can find qualified leads for your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign Up today and leverage your lead generation.

Top 15 AI-based Software For The Ultimate Lead Generation

If you’ve ever generated leads, you know that it’s time-consuming and not fun. You can literally spend a day building an email list. The right sales prospecting AI-based software make it a lot easier.

person holding black tablet computer
Photographer: ThisisEngineering RAEng | Source: Unsplash

Out of five, every four marketing leads do not convert to sales. As the Lead generation is one of the most challenging tasks to pull off, you must know the best tools to drive leads.

When it comes to Lead Generation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the best suited to help. AI allows evaluating tons of behavioral data to identify your clients and prospects quickly and efficiently. AI-driven software can analyze the profitable investment and help you make the right decision for your business.

To help you in your lead generation efforts, we will dive into the world of AI lead generation software. This article provides you with a comprehensive list of some of the market's best AI lead generation software.

Table of Contents


  1. Lead Generation is one of the most crucial aspects of any B2B business.
  2. Lead generation software is a tool that assists you in automatically generating and collecting leads from specific channels and also routing the collected information to sales or marketing teams for conversion.
  3. Artificial intelligence is now a part of our day-to-day lives, and it’s an ideal opportunity to utilize the numerous AI lead generation software in your business. It can extract insights about leads from your marketing and sales data. Some AI-powered tools use that information to inform you more about your prospects and customers. Others use it to find new opportunities or recommend which existing leads to pursue next.

What Is Lead Generation Software?

Lead generation entails more quickly analyzing visitors to your website. It’s also about gathering their information so you can drive communication and convert casual visitors into loyal customers.

black computer keyboard
Photographer: Fotis Fotopoulos | Source: Unsplash

Lead generation software is a tool that automates the process of enticing leads online and collecting information about them so you can stay in touch with them. These leads can then be used to nurture them and convert them into customers.

Each software works differently and has its own set of features depending on the channels used to generate leads.

How To Use AI-Based Software For Generating Leads?

B2B marketing and sales professionals have been slow to embrace Artificial Intelligence. The reason can be the nature of selling or limited access to the behavioral data that drives machine learning. However, things are changing now quite rapidly.

white and black typewriter with white printer paper
Photographer: Markus Winkler | Source: Unsplash

AI has been proven effective for extracting lead insights from collected data using its learning and predictive analytics. AI can also identify new prospects and recommend which leads are worth pursuing.

Here are the ways you can use AI for generating leads:


AI can learn from lead conversion data and assist you in developing more innovative lead scoring that is based on math rather than your team's instincts. This makes it easier to generate the correct type of leads and convert them more effectively.


AI can do a quick analysis of customers’ data, evaluate them and sort them into sales leads or non-sales leads.


AI can find new leads for you based on the characteristics of your existing leads.


AI can build relationships with your prospects with its chatbot. AI intelligently automates lead outreach.

What Are The Benefits Of AI Lead Generation Software?

Here are some benefits of AI Lead Generation Software:

Top 15 AI-based Software To Generate Leads

What is the top AI-based Software to generate leads in the digital market? Let’s find out.


OneMoreLead helps you convert potential prospects into guaranteed leads through automated emails and client-specific data analytics. You can search and filter within the database to find the right leads for your business.

automated lead generation software automated lead generation software
Source: OneMoreLead

Every Lead comes with important complementary data making it easier for you to communicate with the lead.  Also, each Lead is verified and comes with a Credit Back Guarantee. Apart from this, OneMoreLead offers verification services as well. Verification is done in real-time. With its hyper-focused data analytics, marketers and businesses can find their ideal prospects from a pool of options. This tool offers a database of over 40 Million verified B2B prospects so that you can search through all prospect leads to grow your business.


Drift utilizes an AI-specialized chatbot to assist businesses in using products from their purchasing process. It uses an AI chatbot, email, video, and intelligent automation based on some triggers.

automated lead generation software automated lead generation software
Source: Drift

These bots use artificial intelligence to learn from on-site conversations between customers and your representatives. This data enables the bot to respond to questions, understand what constitutes a good lead, and generate leads from visits at dimension.


Signum is an AI-powered tool that can help you in generating quality leads. This software detects your visitors, categorizes them into different segments.

automated lead generation software automated lead generation software
Source: Signum.AI

They can also create high-quality content that can attract your targeted audiences. Signum employs an entity-embedded method for prospect selection based on the content they prefer.


Conversica is a marketing and sales software that generates leads. It will offer you an AI digital assistant that works 24/7 for qualifying leads on your site.

This digital assistant can engage in real-time conversations with your prospects. The AI algorithm can detect which possibilities can be turned into customers.

automated lead generation software automated lead generation software
Source: Conversica

Companies frequently allow leads to falling through the cracks because they lack the resources to follow up with and qualify each one.

Conversica, on the other hand, allows you to clone every sales representative and sales agent to ensure that every lead has a one-on-one conversation allowing true sales automation. The assistant is trained to notify a live sal and estimate and successfully close the deal based on some triggers.


If you use Albert, none of your leads can be left behind. It predicts the characteristics and behavioral patterns that led to a sale using existing successful sales data. With this information, algorithms target the audience most likely to buy.

automated lead generation software automated lead generation software
Source: Albert

Besides that, it works across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Google, Instagram, and YouTube, to determine what works best for you and maximize your performance across these channels.

Albert used the existing customer data to extract the behavior and characteristics of previous successful sales and used it to target customers who mirrored the previous narrative.


Exceed.ai is intelligent software for sales automation that includes a digital assistant. The assistant can engage in real-time conversations with your SMS, etc., and collect with this AI-powered software the necessary information.

automated lead generation software automated lead generation software
Source: Exceed.ai

After collecting contacts, it qualifies them based on specific triggers and levels of engagement to determine whether they are willing to buy or not and estimate the related group of certainty.

Finally, when qualified leads are ready to speak with sales, it contacts sales and schedules a meeting or a preview based on your preferred outcome.


Hubspot's GrowthBot is a lead generation software that incorporates artificial intelligence into Customer Relationship Management systems.

automated lead generation software automated lead generation software
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The GrowthBot connects machine learning processes to modern businesses’ popular messaging apps, such as Slack, SMS systems, and Facebook Messenger.

These messaging apps are embedded with the chatbot, allowing businesses to ask specific questions and receive answers to any queries related to driving leads to their company.


Prospex finds your potential customers with minimal effort. The great thing about it is that it lines up sales and marketing efforts, delivering specially tailored leads that meet your targets and providing leads to your sales representatives that have a greater chance of closing.

automated lead generation software automated lead generation software
Source: Prospex

The algorithm is pretty simple. You have to provide the data; AI creates your ideal customer profile (or DNA), searches for clients who match your client DNA.

Moreover, the more you use it with this AI-powered software, the better it gets over time.


Lusha is undeniably a treasure for B2B businesses. With this software, you can find qualified and several accurate B2B leads who meet criteria intelligently, sorting and reaching out to them via the most convenient channels.

automated lead generation software automated lead generation software
Source: Lusha


Landbot is a lead generation tool that uses an AI-powered chatbot to maintain real-time conversations with your website visitors. This bot employs artificial intelligence to learn from previous interactions between customers and your representatives.

automated lead generation software automated lead generation software
Source: Landbot

With this knowledge, the bot can answer questions, understand what are the qualified lead, collect data, generate leads, and personalize client conversions.


Growbots is software that can quickly identify ideal customer profiles for your market segment. You simply enter your requirements, and AI takes care of the rest. Growbots displays a set of potentials who have a genuine chance of becoming your customers.

automated lead generation software automated lead generation software
Source: Growbots


Alexandrabot considers a specific visitor to a company's website's information across multiple platforms, then analyzes it for its possibilities to be turned into a pleasant discussion with users.

automated lead generation software automated lead generation software
Source: Alexandrabot


Prospect.io is an excellent software for generating leads while facilitating the sales process. It accomplishes this by combining a number of AI-based software.

For starters, it makes it easier to find email addresses online. Second, it automatically adds prospects to your lists and segments them using trigger events, allowing you to personalize.

Finally, based on this data, it will help you create automated email sequences that will increase your sales.


Leady is another AI-powered software that will help you generate more B2B leads. , It accomplishes this by recognizing business visitors who visit your corporate website and reporting them to you with complete businesses and personal profiles.

D&B Hoovers

Hoovers is a powerful B2B sales automation tool capable of locating prospects in any industry niche.

automated lead generation software automated lead generation software
Source: D&B Hoovers

It provides detailed information and updates about any changes 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can plan your future communications tactically, develop your selling process, and make adjustments accordingly.

Wrapping Up

By now, you already know how AI-based software can ace your lead generation. But choosing the right software can be challenging. Choosing the right software depends on various factors, including target channels, customers, scope, budget, and flexibility.

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10 Effective Ways To Turn Twitter Into A Lead Generation Software

Social media sites have become increasingly popular among people of all ages due to their easy accessibility and connectivity. In the past, people used social media to communicate with their family and friends but now they are not just limited to communicating. Whether it’s networking or finding career opportunities or even lead generation, everything can be done using this platform.

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Twitter, having around 211 million daily users can be a great medium to generate leads and promote businesses. Some people doubt if it’s worth investing time on Twitter for lead generation or not. But in reality, most people ask for recommendations or look for reviews before purchasing services or products on social media sites like Twitter. That’s why whether your company provides business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) services, it is effective to use Twitter as a lead generation tool to grow business.

Now the question is how can a social media site like Twitter can generate leads? There are plenty of ways to do so. Here are 10 effective ways that you can apply to promote your company and generate leads.


10 Brilliant Tips To Turn Twitter Into A Lead Generation Software

Promote With Twitter Ads

Ads can be a useful medium if you want to promote your company or specific products. There are several ways to promote your business through ads.

Promoted Tweets is a way where you can display your content to people who are not even following you. The difference between regular tweets and promoted tweets is that promoted tweets are not limited to the people who are following you. The tweet can be retweeted and commented as usual but users will know it is a promoted tweet.

You can add videos to your promoted tweets and if it is less than 60 seconds, the video loops. As promoted ads give you extra features to show your content to targeted users, you need to pay some charge to use this feature.

If promoting every single content seems complicated to you, you can boost your entire brand using Twitter. Paid brand promotion lets your target users see your account as a suggestion to follow.

If you are worried about why they would follow you. Don’t worry about it. If your service or product holds their interest, they will definitely follow and will become your lead.

Twitter Ads
Image from Twitter for Business

However, if you are confused about Twitter advertising and the payment, Twitter has an Automatic Promote Mode. It helps to promote Tweets and the brand’s profile that will reach an additional 30,000 people by just paying a fixed amount.

The more people will notice your brand, the more will they start to trust it. In this mode, the first ten posts tweeted by your brand daily are automatically added to the promote mode and they get more reach than usual.

Lead Generation Using Trending Hashtags

Twitter has an amazing feature that shows trending topics. Trending topics are the popular topics and the trending hashtags. It creates an opportunity to show your brand to the leads.

Your leads may not be following your company’s profile or don’t even know about it. It is your responsibility to let them know you. In order to do that you can use trending hashtags. Whenever you are posting something add one relevant trending hashtag with your other hashtags. This will help them to see your tweet first when they will search for any services that are relevant to your service.

You can even know customers’ interests and opinions by analyzing their Twitter activities and their hashtags. Moreover, you can learn about recent trends and what your customers are thinking. So other than generating more leads, you will know how you can improve your service.

Twitter Hashtags
Image from Unsplash by Luke Chesser

Send DMs To The Followers

This can be both useful and irritating to the users but as a marketer, you should look at the bright side in this case. Whenever someone follows your brand, thank them through direct messages and provide information about what you have to offer. Provide them with an informative but not lengthy message that will summarize what your company is about and what your services are.

This is a very useful lead generation strategy but many companies avoid it as they think this will take time. However, this helps to directly communicate with the followers and draw their attention to become one of your leads.

This way of contacting the recipients gives them time to think and research on their own and reply to you if needed.

Create Videos

Videos are a great way that grab attention more effectively. Think of an example where you have to read a blog or watch a video about a product. What will you choose? Most people will choose to watch the video as it is less boring and more understandable. Moreover, it can cover a lot of important perspectives in less time. That’s why most buyers watch videos before making a purchase.

Even, sometimes these videos attract them to make purchases. In order to draw the attention of more buyers, keep the videos short and informative so that viewers don’t get bored and share them on Twitter.

Search For Tweets Asking For Recommendations

People often look for recommendations on social media sites like Twitter before buying products. It can be a good chance to generate leads by searching who are asking for recommendations. There are many ways to do so.

The first way to do it is simply to search with the keyword “recommendation” for your specific product or service. This will show the results of the tweets of people who were asking for recommendations for a specific product or service. Then you can suggest your service as a comment. For instance, if your company sells furniture, search for the users who are looking for furniture recommendations.

Searching for recommendations for your specific service can be a way to generate leads but not everyone asks for recommendations like that. So you need to adopt every strategy possible.

There might be many people who are asking for recommendations or have bought products that are complementary to your service.

This point might sound confusing to you. So let’s explain it with an example. Search for a product that is complementary to your product or service. For instance, if you are selling furniture, look for someone who has bought a TV. Suggest to them that they could buy new sofas to watch the TV.

Give recommendations of your service or product to their tweet so that they can become your lead.

Advanced Search Feature

Advanced search is an effective feature that helps to search with more keywords. More importantly, it is more precise than a normal search. It works more effectively as there are many options to fill up like-you can add the exact phrases that you want to include or the phrase that you don’t want to include and many more.

If you use this option properly, it can help to find a lot of potential leads that you could possibly turn into customers.

Twitter Advanced Search
Image from Twitter for Business

Pin Your Tweet

You might not want to miss any opportunity to get more leads. That’s why you should try to update your company page as frequently as possible. It will attract more leads to investigate more on your brand. While doing so, pin your recent or important tweets or campaigns or links where visitors can find them easily.

It is necessary to pin the important tweets as users will not take the trouble to find them. So keep them where audiences can find them easily.

Promote With Lead Generation Card

You may have guessed what this feature is about by its name? Yes, its sole purpose is lead generation.

There are millions of tweets sent every day which means it’s hard for businesses to find the tweets that are useful to them. Lead generation cards can help to solve this problem.

Lead generation cards are dedicated to the promotion and can be signed up with just one click. There are steps to use it. At first, you need to set up the lead tracking system, then you need to create your lead generation card, design your card and configure it with advanced settings.

The process of generating leads, itself is a very difficult task so it is worth doing the above steps to get more leads.

Understand Who Are Your Leads

It will be a waste if you randomly suggest people to use your service or product. Before you start your search for leads, try to find who are your audiences. Without knowing your audiences, you can’t make them leads as it will be a waste of time. Use Twitter Analytics to find the information of the audiences to promote your brand more effectively. Twitter Analytics is an in-built feature so you don’t need to work hard on it. So just invest your time in research and find potential leads whom you can make customers in the future.

Write A Proper Tweet

You must be wondering why this easy task is included in the ways of lead generation. It’s because it is the first thing we need to ensure before anything else.

You might have applied the best strategies to reach your leads but if your tweet or content does not engage, they will scroll down to the next one. That’s why make sure to write a tweet that is informative yet engaging.

Here’s a list of points that you need to keep in mind while writing tweets on Twitter-

Final Words

In order to stay in the market, companies need to adopt every lead generation strategy possible. Moreover, they need to continuously connect with them in different ways and convince them to become their leads.

Twitter is one of the widely used social media sites that can be a great medium to do so. That’s why every company should use Twitter as lead generation software if they want to stay in the market.

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