How to Get Real Estate Leads From Craigslist in 2020

Many people even don't know what Craigslist is. In this article, we'll have a brief roundup on Craigslist and then how to get real estate leads from craigslist. So, Craigslist is a text-based bulletin board style platform. People use this platform to share community information, post ads, and purchase or sell products. An agent gets connected to the local audience and create buyer leads through this platform by sharing free listings. The following are the steps to get real estate leads from Craigslist.

Real Estate Leads from craiglist

Step One: Create an Account on Craigslist:

It's not mandatory to create an account on this platform because you can post without it. But the account is beneficial as you can edit, renew any post or confirm everything if you have a proper account on it.

Want to create an account there? Read on!

Step Two: Select the category of posting:

You can post real estate listings free and easy.

Step Three: Agreeing to Real estate specific guidelines:

In the above steps, you've chosen the type of ad for your posts. Now, it's time to agree to the Craigslist guidelines for real estate.

Guidelines contain requirements for listings, posts in the future are for a specific, single, and available property at that time. It also consists of guidelines on what should be included and what not to these posts. Read the requirements thoroughly and make sure that you know all the rules.

After this, click on the option which says, "I'll abide by these guidelines," and it will take you to the posting process.

Step Four: Draft the Listing Title, Location, and description:

In this step 4, you'll add a title and description of your ad following an easy and straightforward format having no HTML format. In this step, you can also select a specific location.

To increase the real estate buyer leads, you've so many methods to do. It's recommended to use compelling copy, add a clear call to action, and trackable contact information.

How to make a useful listing post on Craigslist?

The useful listing post is a necessary step, so you should do it properly. The following are top tips to get a compelling listing post.

Engaging title:

Do not add the address of your property only. Your listing is useful if your title contains an unusual brief sentence about the property like something " Captivating house with the fascinating interior". It will seem more compelling to the audience.

Add a complete address:

Adding compelling title, postal code, email address, and posting description is enough for the field to fill, but adding a specific location on Craigslist is a plus Point. It's because the platform can quickly locate your property on an interactive map.

Neighborhood location:

Audiences get attracted when they find that their targeted area has remarkable sites. You can mention some nearby places such as market shops, schools, colleges, parks or any other location that's nearby. Adding attractive sites will compel audiences to reach you out.

A clear call to action:

You must add a robust Clear call to action; CTA at the end of body copy. It will let the leads to contact you for more detail information. You must also add some tracking numbers or codes so that you know that from where Leads are reaching.

If it's challenging to manage your time and you think you can't write a copy on this fantastic platform, you can consider a second option, which is hiring someone for this job. You can contact people on the Fiverr community (It's a platform where people offer their services). It will cost you a minimum of $5 to perform a task. The payment depends on the type of work. There are other platforms such as Upwork, where you can get your job done.

Step Five: Listing and License Information:

Step Six: An accurate map of listing:

The next step is to make a map for the listing address. Leads can locate your houses quickly if you have provided an accurate map. They also can decide if the neighborhood is appealing, and they'll reach you out immediately.

Submit address of street, nearby crossroads, city, and postal code of the property. Let the interactive map recognize your location when you drag and pin it. Proceed by clicking on "Continue."

Step Seven: High-quality photos of your listing:

Customized photos are plus point to add. If you want to attract more audiences, then try to personalize your photos. You can edit the pictures as you want.

Step Eight: Review and publish your post:

After this process, when your ad is published, it will remain for 45 days on the website. If you want to keep that post alive, the only way is to repost it before the expiration of the first one. But when the moderators detect that your account post too frequently, then they can delete your listing or ghost it so no one can see your post. Then it's recommended creating a separate account if you want to post your listing in any way. You can also use another option to use some platforms which will publish and repost your ad when the platform allows you. These options are KvCORE and Real Geeks.

What are the guidelines for posting on Craigslist?

Craigslist provides specific guidelines to follow to avoid deleting your post by moderators. If you want not to be flagged or delete your post by those moderators, follow instructions. If a property is available and not sold, make sure your ad is related to it. The real estate posting must be a specific and single property.

Do not ever add cartoons, market advice, or search links into your post. And about financing information, it's a bad idea to include. While designing your ad, avoid adding the following:


Always keep in mind the following factors when designing the ad of real estate for Craigslist:

· Add relevant details about the property you want to sell (Its price, area, location, number of bedrooms, washrooms, etc.).

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